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For general enquiries call

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Walkerbay 8 Rigid Dinghy


Weighing only 71 pounds, the Walker Bay 8 rigid dinghy is easy for one person to handle in and out of the water. It’s lightweight and innovative features, like Wheel in the Keel, make it perfect for people who want a boat they can transport easily.

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Through our unique and technologically advanced process of high-pressure injection moulding, comes a one-piece seamless hull that is lightweight, maintenance free, UV protected, incredibly durable, and backed by a 10-year limited warranty. No other hull can compare. What’s more, this type of manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. More than just a smart choice, this is a boat you can feel good about owning.

For over ten years, Walker Bay has combined functional innovation and advanced engineering to create a line of award-winning boats. With our hands on fine finishing, diligent attention to detail and 10 year hull warranty, you can be assured of the finest quality.

The lapstrake hull of the Rigid Dinghy is designed to cut through water producing less displacement and drag, resulting in a boat that rows easier and straighter. What’s more, the Hydro Curve Oar blades are super light to reduce swing weight and rower fatigue and are curved to maximise rowing efficiency.

Designed to motor at harbour speeds, the traditional hull design cuts through the water producing a smaller wake, resulting in higher controlled speeds for “no wake” zones. The beamy Rigid Dinghy also offers lots of space for cargo and crew.

Maximise your fun, add a sail kit to your Rigid Dinghy to create an exciting, versatile Sailing Dinghy Simple to rig and easy to sail, Walker Bay sailboats are competitive on all tacks versus other boats in their class. Pointing ability is optimised through a combination of hull design, sail plan and daggerboard performance. A hinged telescopic tiller extension allows steering from various positions within the boat and will easily retract, ultimately yielding comfort and fast transitions for every level of sailor.

• One piece HIMC hull
• Integrated motor/tiller mount
• Wheel in the Keel™
• Stainless steel bow eye
• One way drain plug
• Add-a™ Tube ready
• Sail kit ready


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